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Terms & Conditions

It is the centres policy that members of staff, volunteers and participants maintain a high standard of behaviour and safety. Calm and considerate behaviour is as important as safely rules and insurance policies.
• We employ qualified and experienced staff.
• We provide a range of personal protective and safety equipment for participants comfort and safety.
• We always teach to national governing body recommendations and guidelines.
• We have robust management and safety systems, which are regularly, inspected by the approved National
Governing Bodies, Adventure Activities licensing Authority and, Royal Yachting Association.
• To ensure safety of members we reserve the right to modify or cancel any activity, we feel that there are
unmanageable risks.
Personal Safety
1. All participants in any Watersports activity must wear a buoyancy aid, unless you are taking part in open water  swimming. We recommend wearing footwear around the centre and on activity especially windsurfing in case the mast lands on your feet. T-shirt and shorts are suitable for warmer weather. Tracksuit and/or windproof clothing is more suitable for colder weather.
2.Helmets All junior members must always wear protective headgear for windsurfing & sailing and in some weather conditions rafted canoe sessions. Adult members may be requested to wear protective headgear in certain weather conditions for their own safety and failure to comply will result in cancellation of their session.
3.Wet suits
The centre has various wet suits in assorted sizes for customers use for windsurfing sailing and stand up paddleboard tuition. We hire them at £5 each person for other activities.
4.Health & Fitness
Anyone taking part will be asked to sign a membership waiver form on behalf of themselves/group/family/school  stating that they can swim at least 50m and if they have any medical problems.
The centre will provide safety equipment as necessary for each activity and will be kept in good repair. Centre staff  will inspect all equipment at regular intervals and approve for use or take equipment out of service until made safe.  Where a customer wishes to use his/her own equipment in activities under the centre auspices that equipment will be subject to inspection before the centre allows in its use.
Locker keys-If you lose your key the charge will be £20 for a replacement payable on the day you are here. Any damage to kit by a result of negative behaviour will have to be paid for and replaced.
All individual persons must give 48hours notice of cancellations, any customer failing to do so will be charged the full amount. Group bookings- £50 non- refundable deposit is required to secure the booking. Full payment is required 1 week in advance of your activity. Cancellations by the centre: Liverpool Watersports Centre reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any bookings at any time in the interest of safety: however, the centre will endeavour to give all members as much notice as possible when cancelling. All Vouchers will have an expiry date on them, if not they will expire at the end of the year.
7.Insurance Disclaimer
It is a condition of our insurers that the following disclaimer: – All LWC staff do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury suffered by persons and / or property, arising out of or during the course of their activities whilst training and/ or coaching and/or instructed or hiring kit unless such injury, loss or damage was caused by, or resulted from negligence or deliberate act.
8.Parental Responsibility
A parent/ guardian or a responsible adult must accompany to and from the centre young people under the age of 11 years old. All young people must be collected within 30min of their lesson ending. All young people aged between 12-15 years old may attend the centre on their own, but only with parental permission.
9.Alcohol/Smoking/illegal substances
None of the above will be permitted on the premises or boats. Anyone suspected of being under the influence will be denied access to the facilities and asked to leave the premises.
10.Photography & Mobile Pictures Phones
The use of cameras, videos, mobile picture/video phones and any other image capturing equipment is strictly prohibited unless the centre manager gives authorisation.
11.Challenging Behaviour
It is the group leader’s responsibility to manage your group around the centre not LWC staff. Please supervise your group accordingly, you group will be asked to leave the centre if their behaviour is inappropriate.
12. Pay and Play
You must be able to swim 50m to hire the sit on kayaks or paddleboards. Children aged 8 to 15 must have a responsible adult go on the water with them. Ratios are 1 adult to 4 children. Younger children aged 6 and 7 can go in double sit on kayaks with a responsible adult, ratios are 1 adult to 2 children at this age.
13.Open Water Swimming
No swimming in the docks when we are closed. Local Solutions cannot be held responsible for any injury, damage, loss or death due to anyone trespassing onsite or in the water.