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If you're looking to experience the excitement and freedom of sailing, Liverpool Watersports Centre is the perfect place to start. Located on Liverpool's Queen's Dock, the centre offers dinghy sailing, a fantastic way to learn the basics of sailing and explore the waterfront.

Dinghy sailing involves small, lightweight boats equipped with sails. Unlike larger sailboats, dinghies are typically designed for one or two people, making them agile and responsive. Dinghy sailing is an excellent introduction to the world of sailing, providing hands-on experience with steering, trimming the sails, and understanding the wind's effect on the boat.

Sailing at Liverpool Watersports Centre is a fantastic way to learn the art of sailing and enjoy the beauty of Liverpool's waterfront. With experienced instructors, calm waters, and stunning views, it's an ideal setting for beginners and experienced sailors alike. Whether you're seeking a new hobby or simply want to try something different, dinghy sailing offers an exciting and rewarding experience.

Book your sailing session today and set sail on an adventure you'll never forget!

Our Activities

Our Courses

The centre runs a number of Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and British Canoeing Courses. All courses are run by qualified instructors at the recommended National Governing Body ratios.

Our hourly sessions start at:

•   9:30am,

•   10:45am,

•   12pm

•   1pm

•   2:15pm

•   3:30pm.

Later sessions in the summer months can be arranged.


Enjoy the thrill and excitement of powerboating whilst taking in the views of the Liverpool docks.

We offer 1 hour fun rides around the Liverpool dock system in our 5 metre tornado rib 75HP, it can take up to 4 persons at a time.

We also deliver the Royal Yachting Association level 1 and 2 powerboat courses and we offer 1 to 1 tuition in our boats.